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About Us

City Cleaning is a Cleaning and technical service provider with a high performing network of dedicated staff from South Asian countries Our diverse range of proficiency, intellectual mind and passion for excellence are our main instruments to high achievements and operations at the top echelons of the industry. We are well positioned in United Arab Emirates, having offices in Dubai, and Umm Al Quain. We also have offices in India. What differentiate our company in the market place is our leading practice by working as a team in partnership with the people that we hire.

We support our team to succeed and enable them to explore their creativity, experience the passion and put their skills in use

Our commitment to and collaboration with our clients, as well as our expertise in delivering solution by transforming all challenges and concerns into assets, is our key to delivering lasting results and enabling our clients to accomplish their goals and objectives.

Who We Are

City Cleaning is a diversified consultancy specializing in Hotel cleaning, Office cleaning, Building Maintainince, Packing food items and for a wide variety of cleaning and technical services. The success City Cleaning has achieved is based on a leadership-driven management strategy that empowers high-caliber, experienced workers to leverage their potential, skill and capabilities. City Cleaning applies leading practices that differentiate the company in the market place. We seek clients and strategic partners who share the same commitment to performance, quality and success. Our organizational DNA is international, professional and practiced. City Cleaning prides itself on acquiring and attaining recognized experts and high achievers in their professional disciplines. Our staff herald from south Asian countries – skillful and dedicated. This translates into a commitment on our behalf to deliver the best service to our clients to realize success in meeting their goals and objectives.

Our Core Values


Establish and maintain a standard of excellence that is unsurpassed in industry - with a passion and sense of urgency to continually improve our delivery of service.


Placing a premium on attaining the highest standards for professionalism and implementation of best practices.


Continually developing capacity to expand our business horizons in order to meet the ever growing needs of our clients.


Promote a corporate ethos that rewards initiative and innovation on the part of our employees. Ethical Corporate Governance: Setting a standard for equitable and transparent leadership throughout the entire organization. OUR VISSIONThe Managing Director's Message

Our Vision

The Managing Director's Message

Achieving success in the highly competitive consulting marketplace requires talented and motivated people, a willingness to take risks, and a passion and commitment to client satisfaction. City cleaning is dedicated to managing and providing solutions for our clients' highest priorities. From an operational perspective, our professionals are well grounded in their subject matter expertise, prepared to be successful and productive on day-one of any engagement, and motivated to provide innovative solutions. City Cleaning benefit from the strength and experience of our capabilities. Most important of all, our commitment to client success begins at the bottom and threads through the entire organization. From a corporate vantage, City cleaning treats each client engagement as a stakeholder relationship. We will deliver on our commitments for your projects and highest priorities. Our objective is to establish an enduring and successful relationship with each and every client.


It is the intention of City Cleaning that our client's premises are kept in a neat and clean condition at all time. The specification submitted herein will be considered as minimum requirement. Therefore this specification will only be refered to as guide rather than limitation to the services required to effectively maintaining the facility. The facility is to be staffed to maintain an optimum condition of cleanliness. If the level of cleaning at anytime is considered to be unacceptable, City cleaning will adjust its staff to take the necessary measure to overcome the situation. Staffs shall be adjusted as required to accomplish any periodical maintenance herein specified without abandoning the daily janitorial services. Any extra services will be performed at a predetermined rate agreed by both parties.

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Mobile : 00971 50 460 7927
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Whatsapp : 00971 58 690 8855

P.O. BOX NO 4497
Ajman, UAE

Email : mail@citycleaninguae.com